woman thinking
imagine star fish
imagine bubble
imagine bubble
Step one:  choose your design.  These are original pieces so just about
anything will work just remember that house numbers need to be visible
and that simpler bold shapes with less detail are more dramatic and lend
themselves well to sculpting in stone.
Imagine house
Think about what kind of art would enhance your home or business.  Above, the
Homestone will be for a cottage on the ocean.  There are starfish on the rocks at
the shoreline so she makes a decision to incorporate starfish with the house
numbers on the Homestone.

If you  have a clear idea, like the example above,  just enter your thoughts into the
Homestone description text area on the request for quote page.  From that
information the artist will submit a design to incorporate your concept into the
Homestone.  The artist will work with you to get the Homestone you want.  

The standard methods of installing the stones are either by external "L" screws,
on structure, or by incorporating them into the landscape.  In most types of stone
holes can be drilled for mounting also, depending on the shape, the stone can be
placed in a frame.  All quotes will be for "L" hook installations unless otherwise

If you have an exact design concept you would like quoted indicate that in the
Homestone description text area.  Send any art work you have in JEPG or PDF
format to quotes@brokenrockdesign.com as an attachment.  The artist will contact
you to discuss your project.

All information to request a quote is on the
Quote Form page, however please look
at the blank stones  on the shopping page for examples of available stone inventory
to give you an idea of standard sizes.  Other sizes are also in stock.
Creating Homestone house numbers and
original art in sandstone and other natural
stone.  All sculpture is hand crafted in the
U.S.A. and signed by the artist.
Broken Rock Design
Handmade stone house number plaques, signs and markers
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